Montane Anthropological Museum - Montane Anthropological Museum, Vedado
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The Montane Anthropological Museum focuses in the study of pre-Hispanic indigenous communities in Cuba. This museum exhibits a collection of indian utensils and objects. If you visit Havana, we recommend you this Natural History Museum.

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Montane Anthropological Museum

Montane Anthropological Museum
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The Montane Museum is devoted to Cuban archaeology. The museums focuses on exhibits that attest to the material culture of the Indian communities that inhabited pre-Hispanic Cuba, particularly the Siboney and Arawak (Taino and sub-Taino) horizons. There are a number of Indian utensils, such as the guano and the guayo, that passed into the popular tradition of Cuba, as well as work instruments and Arawak vases, delicate expressions of these agricultural cultures and examples of the spiritual wealth of the earliest cultural roots of Cuba.

Permanent exhibit on pre-Columbian art. Representative display on the main cultural aspects of pre-Hispanic indigenous communities in Cuba. Testimonies and objects related to Arawak and Siboney culture.

This museum presents some of the finest works and actual relics, artefacts from the pre-Hispanic indian communites, especially the Arawak and Siboney. See for tools, weapons, and pottery of indigenous, pre-Hispanic indian communities.

Type: Natural History Museum.

Plaza Ignacio Agramonte, Universidad de la Habana

Open: Monday to Friday.

Montane Anthropological Museum, Havana, Cuba

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