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The National Natural History Museum is Cuba 's most important institution of its kind. This Natural History Museum colectar, investigar, conservar, y exhibir objetos naturales para promover el conocimiento científico y cultural de la naturaleza. If you visit Havana, we recommend you this Natural History Museum.

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National Natural History Museum

National Natural History Museum
National Natural History Museum
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The National Natural History Museum was substantially reorganized in 1986, with a research in the fields of geology, paleontology, botany, and zoology. This formulation included clear statements on the responsibility of the Museum for the preservation and care of such collections in perpetuity, and on its unique potential for public education in environmental issues. It became probably the only institution with this profile in the Caribbean basin.

The Museum's building is located facing the southern side of Plaza de Armas, near the Havana harbor. The Plaza and its immediate surroundings are a markedly historical environment, characterized by a beautiful central park, numerous museums, the provincial library, monuments, concert halls, bookstores, restaurants, coffee-shops, and old style hotels. Vehicle transit within the Plaza is not permitted, so visitors approaching the Museum by car or bus must walk about 1 or 2 hundred meters from a nearby parking space.

It is the most important institution of its kind throughout the country because of its wide range of rich collections. There are rooms for Cuban flora and fauna and other regions of the planet, including valuable archeological, mammal, fossil and mineral samples, and informative materials about the evolution of the Earth.

The National Natural History Museum engaged itself in a broad international scientific collaboration project, and has been able to make significant contributions by participating, not only in Cuba, but also in many countries of the Caribbean basin, in inventories of biodiversity, assessments of environmental impact, important paleontologic and paleogeographic research, and in multidisciplinary teams to set up new protected natural areas. Itinerant exhibits of Cuban Nature were set up in collaboration with other museums, and a wide program of public broadcast dedicated to environmental education have been undertaken by the staff.

Type: Natural History Museum.

Calle Obispo No. 61, Plaza de Armas. La Habana Vieja. Ciudad de La Habana.

National Natural History Museum, Havana, Cuba

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